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We're a collaborative team with years of knowledge and experience.

Our office is paperless! SmartVault is our cloud-based client portal. It allows our team and our clients to share and access files anytime from any device. You can send documents to us, and view your most recent financial statements or employee paystubs. The system is extremely secure and syncs with QuickBooks Desktop. There is an app for both androids and iphones.

Direct, remote support from our system to yours! ConnectWise is a super-secure Screen-sharing application that makes it possible for our team to remotely access your computer for trouble shooting purposes, two-way meetings, knowledge transfers and more. This wonderful application allows us to have private, interactive meetings with you from the convenience of your own home or office.

You may hear a lot of chatter about the cloud and hosting, but what is it really? Think of your computer with all of its apps and files being accessible from anywhere, anytime. It's as though you have the same computer duplicated across your smartphone, tablet, home office, on the road, or anywhere you can imagine.

Your QuickBooks files are stored on secure remote servers, which are maintained daily and updated by Right Networks personnel. And in addition to being able to access your computer from anywhere, Right Networks backs up your data daily!

By signing up through Olympia Bookkeeping, we gain access to your account and waive your setup costs. The monthly fee is $55 per user, per month. There are additional fees for various apps available. Click on the icon above for more information.

Approve and pay business bills on time, from anywhere. You can forward bills from your email account, or upload them from the app on your phone. We'll process them for you, and send them to you for approval. We'll sync the data back into your QuickBooks file to reconcile. Payments can be made by check, direct ACH or PayPal. Super slick system!

Manage your company credit cards from your fingertips! You can easily snap pictures of receipts from your cell phone, or upload with ease from your computer. Expensify will remind you to categorize your expenses -- which allows us to sync directly into QuickBooks to reconcile. You can review/approve employee expenses, set alerts for your company spending limits, and employees can submit expenses/mileage for reimbursement. We love expensify because it's quick, efficient and allows our clients to code expenses even when they've misplaced a receipt.